History of Growth

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Nikko Steel was founded in 1972. In the early years, we produced about 500 metric tons of mild steel electrodes annually. Currently, the company has an annual capacity of over 20,000 metric tons of quality electrodes featuring a comprehensive range of over 100 different types that cover welding applications in all major industrial sectors.

Much of our early production technology and pre-mixed fluxes were imported. In 1978 we started our own research and development programme to enable us to design electrodes incorporating our own flux formulations.

Nikko Steel operated as a sole proprietorship until 1994, when under a corporate restructuring programme, it was merged with PT ALAM LESTARI UNGGUL, a limited liability company established in 1983.

Nikko Steel is maintained as the brand name for a range of welding electrodes produced by PT ALAM LESTARI UNGGUL.

PT ALAM LESTARI UNGGUL was certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance in 1996 and holds membership in several international welding institutes, societies and associations; demonstrating our commitment to quality and to the advancement of welding technology.