MMA Electrodes For Hardfacing and Resurfacing - Build up


This range of electrodes is designed to cover a full range of hardfacing, surfacing and build-up applications either as a preventative measure on new components or a rectification repair to worn components.

Depending on the application, the properties sought in the application may be resistant to impact, abrasion, erosion, corrosion, resistant to oxidation, high temperature hardness and toughness or the ability of the deposit to work harden without distortion.

Unlike the majority of welding electrodes, not every electrode in this range is covered by international specification.

HV-250B This range provides an excellent combination of resistance to wear against friction and impact loading when either metal to metal contact is involved or abrasion against impact minerals.
All these electrodes deposit ferritic/martensitic weld metals with the level of hardness achieved with varying alloying techniques.
HV-250 Download
HV-350B Download
HV-350 Download
HV-450B EFe2 Download
HV-450 EFe2 Download
HV-600B EFe3 Download
HV-600 EFe3 Download
HV-700 High chrome carbide alloys that possess excellent resistance to wear by mineral abrasion. Download
HV-750 Download
HV-800 Download
HV-850 Download
HV-900 Download
HV-950 Download
HV-1000 Download
HV-1050 Download
HV-1100 Download
HR-6600 Download
NS SUGAR Modified chrome carbide type. Download
SUGAR-825 Download
SUGAR-827 Download
HR-3300 Excellent resistance to abrasion, good resistance to impact and good hot hardness to 450 ºC. Download
SMC-65 Download
SMC-39 Download
SMC-390 Download
NS-300 Repair drop forging dies. Download
HV-90 High speed tool steel – deposit. Download
NS ECo-1 ECoCr-C Cobalt based alloys designed to resist oxidation up to 1100 ºC which also possess excellent hot hardness properties. Download
NS ECo-6 ECoCr-A Download
NS ECo-12 ECoCr-B Download
HMN EFeMn-B 14% Mn work hard hardening alloys with HMN-MnCr and MNi-200 modified for use in slurries when extra corrosion resistance is needed. Download
MNi-200 EFeMnA Download
NSB-307 A5.4 E307-16 Welds and build-ups on 14Mn steels and welding 14Mn steel to carbon steel. Download
C-76 EniCrMo-5 (nearest) For drop forging industry when a combination of resistance to oxidation at elevated temperature is needed Download