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Self Gas Shielding Tubular Wires Surfacing Alloys


These self-shielding electrodes are designed to deposit wear resistant overlays for a wide range of applications. They may be used to overlay either new components as a preventative measure or to re-build worn components as a rectification measure.

FC-14MN produces a work hardening deposit and rapidly achieves its ultimate hardness by frictional contact resulting from metal to metal abrasion  or  metal to mineral abrasion.

The chrome carbide types deposit high hardness overlays with excellent resistance to abrasion and the hardness of the finely dispersed carbides withing the austenitic matrix are in the region of  1200 HV to 1500 HV.

Thus the bulk hardness values on the respective data sheets are not a factual guidance to the actual wear resistance of the alloys, especially as lower alloyed martensitic types may appear to have similar bulk hardness values but will not for ultimate abrasion resistance provide the same performance as the chrome carbide types.

FC-307 MF8-200-CP Buffer layers and build-ups on carbon steels before hard surfacing with 14% manganese steels Download
FC-14MN MF7-200-GP 14% Mn work hardening alloy. Download
FC-25 MF1-200-G Build-ups prior to surfacing with harder alloys. Download
FC-30 MF1-300-G Download
FC-34 MF1-350-G Download
FC-43 MF1-400-GP Download
FC-58 MF10-60-GC Chrome carbide deposit in an austenitic alloy matrix providing excellent resistance to abrasion by fine minerals, rocks etc. Download
FC-60 MF10-60-GC Download
FC-63 MF10-65-GC Download
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