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Quality Assurance


It is the abiding policy of the company to manufacture products and provide services that satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer.

We strive to achieve excellence throughout the company and be leaders in operational efficiency.

To meet the industry's exacting quality standards, the company is committed to a policy of continuous improvement, which we pursue strongly and with integrity.

The company recognises that the active participation of all our appointed suppliers and our employees are required to meet and maintain the quality management system to ISO 9001.

In the pursuit of a strategy of quality and realibility, we treat our suppliers as important partners. As such we actively encourage their participation and support in our continuous quality improvement programme.

The Directors and senior management team of PT Alam Lestari Unggul are fully committed to the successful implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the quality system outlined in the Quality Manual.


As well as our ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, we hold accredited approvals by the Japan Accreditation Board for conformity Assesment (JAB), Japan

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