MMA Electrodes For Superaustenitic Alloys and Modified Austenitics


Modified austenitic alloys are based on standard austenitics whose alloy content has been modified to obtain or accentuate a specific property above that obtainable in the original material.

In the main, with austentitics, adjusting the alloy content adjusts the microstructure - eg: the alloy modification can be used to eliminate delta-ferrite, eg: to ensure a fully austenitic microstructure or alternatively to guarantee a specific delta-ferrite content.

Superaustenitics in the term given to austenitic stainless steels whose alloy content greatly exceeds the norm either with respect to one element or a combination of elements.

Normally superaustenitics are ferrite free, designed mainly for proprietary alloys when specific high temperature or corrosion properties are required



NS-18.15.3 LMnR - Modified 316L austenitic with NIL FERRITE. Download
NSB-385 E385-16 For welding ASTM N08904 alloys, eg: 904 materials (superaustenitic) Download
NSK-385 E385-17 Download
NS-253 E308N-17
308 austenitic. Modified by extra Si and N2 for service temperature up to 1000 ºC. Download
NSN-310H E310H-16 Modified 310 austentic for extra high temperature - stability up to 1000 ºC. Download
NCNb-25.35 NO SPECIFICATION EXISTS BUT MAY BE COMPOSITIONALLY CODED AS 25Cr - 35Ni - Nb Superaustenitic for welding ASME A297 HP40Cb. Download
NCNb-35.45 NO SPECIFICATION EXISTS BUT MAY BE COMPOSITIONALLY CODED AS 35Cr - 45Ni - Nb Superaustenitic with superior resistance to carburisation and oxidation  at temperatures up to 1150 ºC Download