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Stainless Steel Solid Wires For TIG Welding


The TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas welding process, better known as Argon Arc Welding incurs no arc losses or gains and no significant fume is generated.

The MIG or Metal Inert Gas process uses either argon as a shielding gas or argon with one or two percent of oxygen and fume levels are always below that given for electrodes of similar analysis. (See information on Fume Data).

The wires may also be used for submerged arc welding with NIKKO N-B 121 submerged flux and again no significant fume levels result.

For the TIG, MIG, and submerged arc process no significant alloy loss or gain occurs, eg: the wire analysis is the weld analysis.

NSB-308LR ER308L Download
NSB-309LR ER309L Download
NSB-310R ER310 Download
NSB-316LR ER316L Download
NSB-317LR ER317L Download
NSB-347R ER347 Download
NT-410NiMo ER410NiMo Download
NS-630R ER630 Download
NS-385R ER385 Download
NDS-2209R ER2209 Download
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